Brand that collects, and distribute coffe overflowed with natural aromas from Central Africa.




Our task was to create brand identity for company which collects and distribute coffee from central africa region with harmony, and help from natives. The most important goal was to create logotype that would communicate advantages, values which directing the brand and benefits from choosing product.


The most important element was information about help from natives people in the production process and natural origin of a product produced in harmony with nature and the surrounding ecosystem. 

Coffee can be treated simply as an afterburner or daily ritual during which you start to appreciate its taste and smell. 


The company decided direct communication the second group of customers who are guided by quality because of it so we decided that we would focus on natural origin of product the most by creating percepcion of product that will send all the most important values that direct whole process of production in first look.



Designing the logotype

The mind-map process has led us to provide the logotype with characteristic but unusual symbols that give it a unique look. It consists of the simple letter „a” which is the first letter of the company name. It is located in a square that gives it elegance and strength. Above the letter was putted a circle – a symbol of the sun inspired by the flag of Ethiopia. It is Surrounded by bones that are used by local people as a valued jewelery symbolizing status – that is a strong anchor bearing a direct association with traditions and nature.


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