Crystal Bear

Application for hunters which helps organize hunts and units hunting cummunity in one place




In nowadays we creating applications for people who wants to make a training in nerby gym. Its not difficult to organize trip like that but arrage hunting trip that unite people from all directs of country in the most uncivilized places – thats venture!

And that was our case, make it possible and much easier.


Hunters in the most are conservative people with traditions. They love competition and create an image of themselves as a professional. They love gadgets, and their passion very easy become their life style. Thats why this applications have big chance to become for them something more then just „hunt planning app”so we had to take advantage of this opportunity.


Create prototype of mobile app that will make organization of hunting much easier and give opportunity to build community consisting of both the greatest enthusiasts and the beginning hunters.



Sketching emotions

The logotype of the club has been a charismatic bear, which resembles the trophy earned during the hunt. Trough its open jaws and visible fangs is characterized by readiness to fight, or in the hunters’ eyes – to kill. The logo was created using the gold ratio, which gives it an esthetic and simple appearance.



Profil, content, ranks.

The application was equip in creating profiles and rank system. Ranks names was inspired by ranks which occur in the army. For people whos using weapon almost 1000 times per year its easy to determine, they give you a greater desire to gain they and they are building respect for top users.

Increasing the rank is achieved by creating content in the application and gaining reputation points in this way. Content has been divided into „educational articles”, „photo gallery” and „stories from expeditions”.

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Profiles display basic information about the user. In addition to the that, you can follow the activity of the user in the application, and check the events in which he will participate. Page with friends was divided into two part to distinguish friends from hunting and from app. This two elements are special importance for people who plan future hunting with selected people and in selected events


They was main reason to create this application so structure of them should be refined in one hundred percent.

Except standard informations in all „planning/creating” process like date and localization, I added possibility to choose type of accommodation what is the one of most important decisive factors for big part of hunters.

Second important information about events was group size. Hunters have different preferences about that, some of them like to hunt in really small groups, in turn, the second part prefer really big groups with a lot of people, awards and party after hunting.

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Bushcraft Bazar

The hunters’ community loves gadgets, often buy technological novelties, and evolve their skills by buying new items constantly improving its equipment content. This causes that after few seasons they have a heap of unused and unnecessary things, which is why the application addressed in to them could not do without the function of listing items for sale.

Thats why i creat „Bushcraft bazar” where people can selling and buying all what they need, divided on two category, „Hunting” and „Survival” (or all).

I choosed that type of divide because its most easy and specific type of divid all items directed to hunters community. In those two category we can find cloths and weapons like knife, but its sorted by type of use. It causes people searching for a given object in a given category to come across objects that may be also useful in their planned task.

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