3-minute daily routine which increases your efficiency

Do you remind that moment when you are coming back from the job after a day full of tasks, and you think then you will not invent anything new so now its right time to take some relax under the hot shower? You throwing things on the ground, turning on the water and enter. After two minutes… BUM!

New idea, new concept, you remind about some things which you forget during the whole day.

That’s right. Each of us is experiencing that magical power that comes unexpectedly.

How does it works?

When we coming under hot water to take a shower, you stop thinking about daily problems and tasks. We are giving our brain free space to relax by just don’t think about anything and then paradoxically to us comes best thoughts, which will never come after that many hours of work, also after few hours of intentional thinking. Honestly? It would only be worse…

It becomes like that because we are giving our brain time to rest. It’s the same as our muscles – when you running for a longer time up to the hill and you’re on the top, muscles need just a few minutes to get rest so you start to running slower to give them rest. Your brain works the same.

New idea, a new concept, you remind about some things which you forget during the whole day.

That’s right. Each of us is experiencing that magical power that comes unexpectedly.

A lot of tasks.

When you work you are realizing a lot of tasks that require you to be involved. You have to absorb and pull out from your brain a lot of information, and still have in the back of your head daily tasks like „what to buy for dinner”, „take at 4 pm children from school”, „make birthday wishes to a friend” and a lot of more.

When coming time for a pause between work we are catching our telephones, turning on Facebook or other social media and starting bombardment our brains by more and more information that are totally unnecessary. Our brains absorb without a moment’s respite. In that situation, it’s not possible to sort out information from all day.

Those all information is like rubber balls in our heads. In every next hour, they are moving faster and faster, they start bouncing off each other and are more and more of them. At some point they moving so fast then we can’t catch them and the amount of them is so high then they are cause chaos.

But… Our chance to catch them increases in the shower, where the balls slow down – because we let them do it by stop thinking about them.

So what about this meditation?

Your evening shower is a type of meditation heals our minds, especially if you love to stand there a few minutes and getting relax. That type of rest for the brain we can find in a lot of daily things like running where you are concentrated only on the road and breath, similar is with training in the gym or in the water pool and in other things where your brain has to be concentrated on breath or muscles.

How to meditate in office?

Classic meditation is easy like things I wrote above and give the same or better results. In-home or office contains the same elements. You sit down for just a few minutes (you can start also from just 3 minutes. You can sit on the chair or like in traditional meditation – on the floor. You have to close your eyes and start taking deep and slow breaths. You have to be concentrated only on those 2 elements, inhale and exhale. And… that’s all, 3 minutes spent on sitting without any thoughts and problems. After that time you can open eyes stand up, make a little walk around your desk and sit to your work with a clean mind.

It’s normal then in first seconds to your brain comes to a lot of thoughts, its good to look on them but don’t go inside of them, just let them go and get your relaxation time.

I recommend making that small rest for the brain about 10 minutes if it’s possible in your workspace also with voices of nature on headphones in your ears :). Those allow you to concentred in 100% and after this time start working with creative ideas and double effectivity.

Benefits from meditation

1. Creativity
Daily routine with meditation makes a reduction of the stress hormone called „cortisol”. Research shows then best ideas can be created only in the non-stress atmosphere in which our brains are relaxed but at the same time concentrated on the task.

2. „Flow” state
When all in your head is sorted, you can be concentrated in 100% in your work because nothing distracts you. That allows you to enter into the state of mind called „flow”. This is a state where you work with the biggest involvement, concentration, and efficiency.

3. Harmony
Meditation improves all aspects of life. I always say then its like dominos effects. When you have less stress you have a better private life, when your private life is satisfying then you work more efficiently. When you work more efficiently you getting more fun from your work and you earning better money what closing circle.

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