Top 10 factors that will improve your position in Google

Google requirements for the positioning of websites in the search engine, the so-called SEO is constantly changing. All this to provide its users with the best user experience. If we think in this way when preparing our website, it will turn out that the factors we will mention in that article are quite logical and the whole mechanism sensible and not so scary.

So let’s look at what Google “uncle” expects from us to display our website or blog to a potential customer even on the first page of searches.

"How to get a higher position in Google?" Or what is SEO?

Before we start discussing all the factors in turn (don’t worry, they just look scary), let’s make sure you know exactly what SEO ranking is.

SEO is a term used to describe the optimization of your website in terms of its display in search engines. The better it is optimized, the higher will it be in the rank

The SEO ranking is measured and determined based on position. Ranking No. 1 means that when a person searches for a specific keyword, your page is the first displayed result from the top (not including promoted results).

The best part is that you don’t have to have the first position in rank to have great results. Research shows that almost half of the clicks in searches generate the first 3 results.

The most important is to be on the first page, i.e. the first 10 searches, because according to research, 95% of search engine users never get to the second page.

Statistics of visits to individual Google search pages.

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3

Ok, let’s take a look at the most important factors affecting your position on Google.

01. Secured Website (SSL Certificate)

The SSL certificate, “Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS)” ensures a secure connection to your site’s for users. In addition, it protects personal data and e-mail addresses of people who, e.g. want to subscribe your newsletter. In the event that the user provides valuable information, such as credit card information, HTTPS adds additional extensions to guarantee complete data security.

That is why Google rewards sites which using an SSL certificate by pushing them up in its ranking. In this way, Google take care about users and protect them from stealing their data even in a random way.

By creating our websites, we provide you with a free SSL certificate. Check what more you will get by developing your company with us!

From the perspective of the visitor, it is also a very important factor influencing his experience. When he visits your site, a domain security information is displayed next to the domain name. For a domain that has an SSL certificate, a padlock will be displayed indicating a secure connection.

The lack of a certificate is severely punished from the site’s pickup point. The browser will display information about the insecure connection via an open padlock with a red,
uncertainty building text.
If you don’t already have a certificate, you definitely need to take care of it.

02. Page Speed (including mobile page speed)

The speed of loading pages has been mentioned for years as one of the main factors affecting Google ranking. This is because Google wants to improve the user experience as much as possible. In today’s speeding world, only efficiently loading pages can achieve this goal.

In addition, Google cares for the money of mobile internet users. Often, the length of page loading is caused by its weight (a large number of unoptimized photos, pictures, as well as incorrect or “untidy” written code). The heavier the site or the more queries (code) the longer it loads and the more internet packet it will use.

Google research has revealed that a page that loads for more than 5 seconds loses about 40% of the conversion compared to a page that loads in 1 second. In turn, her bounce rate is growing by over 100%. This information is particularly important for the e-commerce industry, but not only. Also, owners of websites that are not online stores should ensure that their site loads faster so as not to lose a potential customer. How fast? The recommended time is about 3-4 seconds.

To check the loading speed of your website you can use dedicated for that site such as GTmetrix, or Pingdom.

Below is an example of the speed tests of the website made by us. You can check the entire project here.

03. Responsiveness (mobility)

The responsiveness of websites determines their ability to clearly display content on various resolutions and devices. In the case of Google ranking, the first device taken into account when verifying the quality of the page is the phone.

Why is the appearance of our website on a mobile phone so important to Google? All due to the fact that in 2019, 48.74% of all network traffic came from mobile phones. The result of 46.53% belongs to computers and laptops and 4.73% to tablets.

A list of devices from which internet traffic originates.


Also, when you designing or ordering your website, it’s important to remember which country your traffic will come from. Statistics vary considerably from country to country because in some of them, the phone is the only “computer” in the home. This type of country is India and African countries where the traffic from mobile devices is 78.8% for mobile versus 21.2% of desktop.

Interestingly, statistics for Poland is 60.4% for mobile versus 39.6% of desktop compared to the United States in which computers still dominate and devices record 42% mobile versus 58% desktop that generates traffic.

The importance of Mobile will grow!

And from your own experience, you know it as much as we do;)! In addition, Zenith marketing agency predicts that advertising expenditure on mobile creations will be higher than those on desktop. In 2018, the budget for “mobile ads” was $ 134 million. – that’s more than agencies spend in newspapers and cinemas in total.

Make sure you have it.

  • A responsive website that automatically resizes to fit your device
  • Suitably large fonts adapted to facilitate reading on a small screen
  • Easier accessibility and navigation, including but not limited to the menu icon on the right
  • Zapewnienie, że odpowiednia treść nie jest ukryta, a waga i rozmiar zdjęć są dostosowane

For more information on what a mobile website should look like and what practices you should use on it to increase the conversion, follow us on our Facebook page to be up to date with our next articles about good practices in designing websites for mobile devices.

04. Age of domain, its name and authority.

Domain Age

Based on research done by Ahrefs study, 60% of websites that appear as the first 10 in Google results are on the Internet for 3 years or more. Research has been conducted on two million pages and shows that few sites under the age of one year achieve an honorable place on the first page of the search engine. Don’t give up, however. If you’ve optimized your site, it’s a brilliant step towards getting your piece of cake.

Additionally, you can be on the first page of searches much faster if you position your website for longer keywords than giants in your industry, e.g. instead of simple, short phrases like “running shoes” you will use the form “Best men’s running shoes 2019” .

Which domain name should you choose?

It is of great importance. Google punishes domains that intentionally using too much keywords in their structure. For these types of actions, the search engine subtracts points whose quantity influences the ranking because of the so-called conducting spammer tactics.

Domains with the name of the company, matched, that are relevant and valuable are much more valuable, especially if behind the domain stands a page with valuable information and content.

This best shows that you should not focus on the domain name but on good optimization of the entire website.

What is the domain authority level?

It is a combination of great content, and the number of external links that lead to it, as well as the number of page shares or articles in social media.

The level of authority of the site has become a particularly important factor after the “fake news” scandal during US election campaigns. Already then both Facebook and Google announced the start of the fight against them. The level of authorization is an effect of this and is intended to prevent search engine users from reaching uncontrolled portals that may affect their decisions and way of thinking.


To quickly increase your level of authority, you should ensure that your site has a lot of external links to it from other websites with a higher level of authority. You can check the authority level on the Open Site Explorer. 

05. Optimized content rich in images.

The Google algorithm is based on keywords. These are words and phrases that users use in a search engine to search for information on a given topic.

That is why it is so important to use keywords on your website. Google will be happy to suggest your site search if your site will perfectly match the needs of searchers. To achieve this, it must be filled with words and sentences that they use in the search engine to find your product or service.

To find the best-matched keywords and phrases follow our Fanpage on Facebook, you will soon find a guide on how to find the best keywords your customers use on Google to find products and services in your industry!

In addition, Google rewards pages whose texts contain approx. 2000 characters, are rich in properly optimized images and photos. Optimization is crucial here because heavy, too large images will slow down the page loading and will negatively affect the final SEO ranking.

For optimization, you can use professional graphics programs such as Photoshop, WordPress plugins like EWWW Image Optimizer if your website is based on this CMS or Compressor.io for any type of photos or images.


Think about what your potential customers enter in the search engine when they want to find solution for a problem that your service or product solving. Then use these words in the headers and directly in the middle of your content, and in the name of the images. You can also enter it on Google yourself, go to the bottom and see what other keyword developments the search engine suggests.

Also take a look at our guide that will help you identify your customer group, their needs, motivations, and barriers. You will find him here. It will definitely help you “get into the shoes of the customer” and define what he can look for and how he does it.

06. Technical SEO

We mentioned earlier that the correctness of the written website code is a very important factor affecting its speed. Another factor is also tagging page headers and titles using H1, H2 and H3 tags

What are the H1, H2, and H3 tags?

The task of tags is to create a hierarchy of content. The H1 and H2 headings are for titles. Use H3 headings to mark the subtitles in your entry.

What is meta description? 

The meta description tag is a short description of the content of a given page, with up to 160 characters. It is displayed e.g. in Google search results or under a shared page in social media.

Meta description has a really important task. In a few words it must show the user that your page is exactly that what is he looking for.

Below are examples of displaying meta description in Google and on Facebook

07. User expirience

At the very beginning of the article, I mentioned that when we look at optimizing our site to improve the user experience, then all described operation that we should make on our website will be natural and obvious for us. I hope this is what was happened and I motivated you to act to take care about them because Google has its own intelligent system assessing the level of user experience on our site, it is called Rank Brain and it takes into account factors such as:

  • Clickthrough rate (CTR) - i.e. the number of people who click on our link after displaying it in search results
  • Bounce rate - is how many people come out of your site very quickly. For Google, this means that people on your site didn't get what they needed or it wasn't easy enough to find, so they left quickly.
  • Time on page - how long visitors have been on your site. Of course, the longer the better.

Rankbrain is one of the main factors affecting positioning.

The more people click on your site in the search results, and stay on it for a long time, the more Google will consider your site valuable and useful and position it higher to help more people.

That is why writing smart, eye-catching titles and creating valuable content is so important. They have a great chance to attract the user to your site and make him stay on it longer.

08. Links

The Internet is a network of links connecting pages, people and servers. No wonder Google also took them into account when evaluating our sites. Links allow Google to assess the credibility and relevance of our website. After all, if someone links to us from their site in their articles, it must mean something, and especially if it is done by another website with a high level of authority (and it certainly does not mean that we are some cybercriminals or spammers)

  • Incoming Links
  • Outbound links
  • Internal links

What are inbound links? – these are the links that redirect users to our site from another site. The higher the level of authority of the page linking to us, the better it affects our level of authorization and the in the end on ranking in Google.

What are outgoing links? – these are links that you will put on your page directing people to other pages in order to, for example, confirm your research, theses, practices or simply when you want to share something. Inserting links to authorized sites is very good practice and allows Google to make sure you write valuable things that are consistent with the general truth.

What are internal links? – are links on your own page that redirect you to other subpages or entries on your own page. Placing internal links will help Google and the users in navigating the page and associating posts. If your blog post has achieved a high position in the search results and you link it to another of your entries, it will help him improve his ranking.

09. Shares in Social Media

When people share your content on their social media, it means one thing – your content must be valuable to them.

Although Google has officially announced that social media sharing is not a direct factor affecting SEO, research on 23 million shares confirmed that entries and websites with a large number of shares are much higher in the Google ranking than those whose number of shares is relatively low or zero. This may be due to the fact that a greater number of shares causes an increase in the number of people visiting a given page, which in turn translates into an increase in traffic on it. So we can say that sharing in Social Media is an indirect factor affecting the positioning of your website.

Percentage of total shares in social media


10. Bussiness information in Google

Registering your business with Google and supplementing your business information is especially important for companies focused on business operating in a specific region. This is one of the most important factors in the local SEO ranking.

When filling out information about your company, be sure to take care of such areas as:

  • Name, address, contact telephone number
  • Company information on Google My Business and Facebook
  • Testimonials on both sites

That’s all! Now you know how Google analyzes our pages and what it takes into account when creating search rankings.

I hope that you will implement these guidelines on your website as soon as possible to reach for your piece of cake that Google offers us and by that you will increase your sales and build your brand recognition on the web!


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