Buddhist Academy

Coaching platform connecting eastern techniques with psyhology.




The goal was to create communication strategies, branding and website for a company deals with eastern techniques to improving life satisfaction of employees in order to increase efficiency of their work. Company also conducts courses and trips on which the participants get acquainted with the subject of work-life balance.


Most of the company’s clients are focused on data, statistics and effects. They do not have time to listen to nonsense about religious voices, so my goal was to create a website that will take off magic from meditation and other eastern techniques. This site had to fulfill sales functions, and have to have an easy to navigate space prepared for content in the video format, podcasts and short articles which will build reputation of brand.


Most of the company’s clients are focused on data, statistics and effects. They do not have time to listen to nonsense about religious voices, so my goal was to create a website that will take off magic from meditation and other eastern techniques. 




Our implementation process always involves immersing us in the life of the brand to understand its style, missions, goals, and customer needs.

Some of us started practice daily short meditation, observation of our thoughts and searching for reasons for behavior and read content to find similarities between the expectations of the Western world and what offers us the techniques of the East.


Due to the multi-level decision-making process, We prepared mock-ups with 3 personas. For each of them,  we created a map of empathy, which served us to determine what problems in private life and in work clients have , what their needs may be and how can we help them and influence on their decisions. Based on them,  we sketched a wireframe page that took into account the most important criteria which the customers follow. It was among other things, a simple travel path that does not allow to get lost on the website at the same time confirming the quality, effectiveness and positive influence of the brand on the world in which it participates.



Values frist approach to Branding

Creating a logotype wasn´t an easy task becouse of choose which was driven by approach of potential clients to religion. People of another denomination or atheists would be able to eliminate the company from their choices at the beginning, but the company’s overall goal, and the mission that is guided was to change the perception of eastern techniques and meditation from religious to holistic psychological approach to human.

Lets talk about logotype.

Logotype is combination of symbol “yin&yang” & buddhist symbol “?”. First one represent full harmony, the second one – knowledge and enlightenment. Yin yang circling in anticipation of achieving full harmony, being at the symbol of enlightenment together forming the letter “B” which is the first letter of the company’s name.

For logotype font we choose clean and heavy font in the top and thin with a lot of space underneath to give a modern look into a logotype & professional, serious look of brand. It also associating with cinema effect what making people more interested about brand.



See only that what you need

Website was equipped with system displaying articles adapted to the emotional state of reader. It will allow acheive smaller rejection rate by displaying articles that are important for the reader. This system also building reputation of brand as proffesional in industry by showing a sense of understanding reader needs.
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Creating true relation

The design of the site was created in such a way as to create a real relationship with the user that inspires trust and facilitates contact. For this purpose, in many critical points there are buttons that allow user to ask questions in the chat and links to detailed descriptions of individual processes or articles.
To make easier whole process of order service we put dedicated buttons in critical points.

Sale function

Created personas allowed us to determine then the most important decision-making factors are employees and superiors opinion compiled with numerical data that confirm effectivity of used methods. Further we created section which allows customers get to know better coaches  and methods which they use to improve effectivity.


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