Lady Studio Bodø

Beauty salon in which aesthetics and customer care are in the first place.




Lady Studio is a company which exposing full beauty of their customers and by that they improve well-feeling of its clients. It is characterized by aesthetics, quality and beauty of the services performed and minimalistic and stylish design of interior.


The most frequent clients are women between the ages of 20 and 45 who value appearance, fashion, trends, good communication, high quality of information on treatments and references from other clients. Our research give us conclusion that the most commonly used device by these groups to find information and make appointments is phone.


We bet on the white, clean and fashionable side of the page with large spece between the sections to increase its clarity and readability.

We paid special attention to designing the appearance of the mobile site which as the most common display had to be adapted to easily read the references and clear displaying informations about the treatments.



Not only Fashionable, Modern & Clean.

We created well thought out page layout. The process of designing the customer’s travel path on the website confirmed our intuition that only the most important elements such as services and references should be included on the home page. At sensitive points, we’ve put buttons to make an appointment to increase the chances of making an appointment.

User Experience as first.

Similarly to the main page, the website with services has also been equipped with call to action buttons enabling quick contact with the salon to increase the conversion.

Women who are the largest group of recipients of the company are characterized by the desire to make sure about the decision made. Every service has answers to the most frequently asked questions. The are designed in way to occupy the optimal amount of space maintaining the highest level of readability.


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