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Caring for the timeless flash of luxury cars car detailing company.




MDB is a company dealing with the detailing of luxury cars such as the BMW M5, and classic ones such as the tough and ever-lively Ford Mustang GT. 

Our task was to create a visual identity of the company and a website that will communicate the company’s values at the same time reaching the recipients of seemingly separate groups such as sports fans of modern cars and ethusiast of tough classic.


The group of consumers combines something more than a passion for motoring. Their vehicles are the most important for them. Spent hours in the workshop when renovating a historic car or buying chrome accessories for the new BMW testifies to one. It’s about quality, prestige and elegance.


“Quality, prestige and elegance” – We considered these values ​​the most valuable and we decided to display them by designing the character of the brand.



Creating Personas

For this project we have created 5 types of person that reflected the needs, expectations, goals and motivations of the target group of the company so that we could accurately assess what connecting them and what guides them when making a choice.



Values frist approach to Branding

“Quality, prestige and elegance”. These values ​​were to be visible at first glance. In addition, contained in a minimalist, and aesthetic style are the answer for both sports fans and luxury vehicles as well as fans of immortal classics.

Brandbook design

Designed brand book will help brand maintain the consistency of the brand, regardless of what printing company will carry out the orders. The logo will always look the same, regardless of whether it is embroidery on shirts, printing business cards or a large format flag.



Web Design & Development


The main purpose of the website was to effectively present completed projects to potential clients, and, as in the case of branding, to convey the most important values ​​defining the company’s direction of operation.


We decided to approach it in a unique way. We created a website that is an interactive garage displaying individual cars that have had the opportunity to undergo their treatments in it.

This perfectly meets the goal of presenting an individual approach to the client. Each car has its own dedicated page in which the entire car care process is described and presented with the help of spectacular transitions and photos.

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Before & After Effect

To enable customers of the company to become better acquainted with its capabilities, we have placed a very simple, intuitive section on the main page that allows you to check the effect before and after. The computer version is based on the movement of the mouse, while the mobile version – of the finger.

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Services section

For the section presenting the services offered by the company, we have prepared an effective and intuitive graphic version that after hovering over the “hot spot” will allow you to familiarize yourself with the details of the company offer.

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Full Home Page

The whole page is based on a very intuitive structure of the “one page” type. We decided on this type of architecture because it works perfectly in the industry in which the most important decision-making factor is completed projects and recommendations. This saved the client’s budget. Subpages that could be used for construction, e.g. a dedicated contact page, were used to show ended projects. At the same time, the website is very intuitive and simple for user to find what he want. Pressing any button from the header, e.g. “Recommendations”, is automatically scrolling to the height of the page on which customer reviews are located.


In accordance with the brand strategy in which individual approach to the customer is the most important company value, we focused on creating our own individual subpage for each completed project.

It is an effective, repeatable template of page that will provide the best user experience, and easy and quick ability to add or edit projects by the company owner.

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Page Speed

Website speed is a very important factor nowadays, but we had one thing in mind – in the detailing industry, customers choose with their eyes. That is why we could not afford to lose the quality of the photos provided to us. For this purpose, we used the appropriate method of their image optimization, which is the perfect balance between the weight of photos and their quality.

The result is a 200% reduced weight for each photo with minimal loss of quality. In addition, images are served via the CDN network that sends them to the client visiting the site from the nearest located server.

All these operations provided the result below.

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